Alliance Work Meeting – September 14, 2023

Alliance at New Manchester

Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2023

Attendance:  President – Whitney Kenner Jones; Treasurer – Aleigha Roberts; Trustee 1 – Mike Orndorff; Trustee 2 – Amy McCoy; Secretary – Doyal Siddell; Steve Osterbur – Development Manager; and Stephanie Reeves — Community Association Manger

The September meeting of the Alliance Board at New Manchester Executive was called to order by President – Whitney Kenner Jones at 6:04 p.m.

Following opening remarks, Board Member called for review of the August 10th, 2023 meeting minutes.  Board Member Doyal Siddell moved that the minutes be approved; Board Member Amy McCoy seconded the motion for approval.  The August 10th Meeting Minutes were approved unanimously.

Capital Improvements Committee Report

 Committee chair Aleigha Roberts, along with Steve Osterbur – Development Manager, gave updates/shared information on the following capital improvement item in committee

  1. Electrical outlets at Riverbanks park (Dover Park) – Steve Osterman will follow up tomorrow or Monday (September 17th)with Greystone, the contractor on this item.
  2. New trail heads/trails:
    1. Upper location of Colchester needs additional fill. Switchback will not work
    2. Lower location needs property corners located:
      1. Dover Street- Corners located — ongoing: Steve still need to meet with the residents on Hanover Street; Sue Katz will join him for the meetings.
      2. Hanover Street – Corners located, ongoing: Steve still need to meet with the residents on Hanover Street; Sue Katz will join him for the meetings.
    3. Dumpster Enclosure at Riverbanks Acitivity Center:
      1. Work should commence on this project later next week – week of September 17th.
      2. 2023 Budget-$46,960; Spent to date-$9,009.88 (Doggie Station, Pickle ball 9nets, Trail fencing)
      3. Security Cameras: Cameras have been installed in the Community Room of the Village Activity Center.

Education Committee

The Annual Ride your Bike to School event will tqke place on Wednesday October 4th , starting at 7a.m.

Communications Technology Committee Report

Committee Chair Mike Orndorff gave the following updates:

Meeting minutes for the following Board meetings will be sent to Fielder Roberts to post at the Tributary’s link for Alliance Committee information:

  • July and August minutes – being sent to Field Roberts, per Whitney.

Clubs/Holiday Decorations/Street Trees Committee Report

Board Chair, Whitney Kenner Jones, facilitated this segment of the meeting.  The following club were discussed:

  • CommUNITY Club – Brittney Price
  • Tennis Club – Allison Goins
  • Trail Crew Club – Sue Krotz
  • Women’s Book Club – Peggy Estes
  • Run Club – Conrad Kiffin
  • Education Club
  • Garden Club
  • Social Club

Amy McCoy moved we dissolve the Social Club; motion seconded by Aleigha Roberts.  This motion was passed by a vote of 4 to 1.

Mike Oderduff moved we dissolve the CommUNITY Club; Garden Club and Education Club; the motion was seconded by Whitney Kenner Jones and passed unanimously.

Communication will be sent to all clubs regarding rechartering and expectations in their presentations – and timelines for presentations will be done in December.

Street Tree Numbers:  This issue of street tree numbers was moved to 2024.  Half of the cost for this undertaking will be picked up by the Alliance Committee.

Mike Orndorff stated that the Tennis Club will amending tennis rules but that this issue be put on hold for Alllison Goins.

Treasurer’s Report

Alliance Committee 6Treasurer Aleigha Roberts gave updates and shared information with the Board regarding the Alliance Board Financial Report ending July 31st, 2023.

The Alliance Committee’s treasury is healthy with $342,000 currently in cash or reserves. The treasurer also stated that the 2024 budget for the Alliance Committee has not been drafted yet.


Board member Amy McCoy moved for meeting adjournment; motion was seconded by Board member Mike Orndorff.  Motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:54 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by,

Doyal Siddell, Secretary

Alliance Board at Manchester

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Community meeting (held quarterly and open to all HOA members):  Thursday November 9th