Alliance Work Meeting – July 12, 2023

Alliance at New Manchester
Monthly Board Meeting

Minutes of July 12, 2023

Attendance: Whitney Kenner Jones Jones (via Webex Meet) – President; Aleigha Roberts – Treasurer; Mike Orndorff — Board Member 1; Doyal Siddell – Secretary; Steve Osterbur – Development Manager; and Stephanie Reeves — Community Association Manger

Absent: Amy McCoy – Board Member 2

The Alliance at New Manchester Board meeting was called to order at 6:08 p.m. by Aleigha Roberts, who volunteered to facilitate the meeting in President Kenner Jones-Jones’ absence.

Facilitator Aleigha Roberts called for a motion to approval the June Alliance Board meeting minutes.   Trustee Orndorff moved that the June minutes be approved; motion was seconded by Trustee Siddell.  The motion was approved unamiously.

Capital Improvements Committee Report

Committee chair Aleigha Roberts gave updates on activities and actions relative to capital improvements in the Tributary at Manchester:

  • Electrical outlets project at Riverbanks park (Dover Park) received a second quote and the project has been started.
  • New trail heads/trails – Riverbanks: Second trail head project was placed on hold.
  • Trustees took up the ongoing discussion of the Barnesbury Dog Park being relocated. It was agreed that the Dog Park and its relocation is a low priority at this time.  The rationale expressed was that the relocation option being considered would carry a significant cost.  This item was tabled.fe
  • Bridges for existing trails: No action taken on this topic.
  • Pickleball nets: 6The new portalbe nets are stored at the Tennis Center and are to be used on Court 4. Residents will be told they will coordinate the use of  them with DJ.
  • Puttiing Green and Corn Hole Equipment: Corn Hole Equipment has been placed in the putting green area behind the VAC.
  • Bocce Ball and Horseshoe Pits: This project in on permanent hold.
  • Dumpster Enclosure for Tennis Center: This item is on permanent hold.
  • Dumpster Enclosure – Riverbanks Activity Center: This item is on permanent hold.

Education Committee Report

No report.

Communications Technology Committee Report

No report.

Clubs/Holiday Decorations/Street Trees Committee

No report shared – in absence of subcommittee chair.

Reports are expected by the following clubs at future meetings:

  • Education Committee – Autumn Lewis
  • Garden Club/Yard of the Month — Liz Romano
  • Social Club – Phil Sisk
  • Tennis Club – Allison Goings
  • Trail Crew Club – Kevin and Sue Krotz
  • Women’s Book Club – Peggy Estes
  • Run Club – Conrad Kiffin and Daniel

Treasurer’s Report

Alliance Board treasurer Aleigha Roberts shared updates on the Board’s  financial information.

  • Alliance Fee Spreadsheet: Financial information was shared with Board members – for information purposes. Financial implications of sales sales of new and existing homes in the Tributary was discussed.

New Business

Board member Siddell was tasked with drafting a policy statement for the Board. The purpose of the statement is to make certain leaders of clubs in the Tributary are held to a standard for and to ensure they meet all requirements and expectations of Tributary residents.

After discussion and tweeting, Board member Siddell moved that the following policy statement be approved.  Motion was seconded by President-Whitney Kenner Jones Jones and approved unaninmously:

 Funding request on behalf of Alliance approved clubs must be submitted by the chair and/or president of said club. To be eligible to sit as chair or president of an Alliance approved club, individual must be a resident in good standing with all HOA dues and any fees paid in full. Funding request by chairs and/or presidents of clubs who are not in good standing with the HOA and other assessed fees shall not be considered by the Alliance Board.


Board member Orndorff moved for meeting adjournment; motion was seconded by Board member Siddell.  Motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by,

Doyal Siddell, Secretary

Alliance Board at Manchester

Future Meeting Dates:

  1. Executive meetings
    1. Thursday, August 10th
    2. Thursday September 14th
    3. Thursday October 12th
  2. Community meetings
    1. Thursday November 9th
    2. HOA Townhall meeting
    3. Town Hall meeting-8.23.23